We decided to make a website for people who are smarter than that.  It is a website for people who understand and live by the principles of common sense.

We will never make promises and let you down, we will only ever provide you with information which you can decide upon.

The key factor is always, will this work for you ?  Irritable Bowel Syndrome covers such a plethora of symptoms that there can never possibly be one way to treat it.

Our aim is simply to give you the chance to find the right path for you.  Anyone who writes for this website will have had/ has IBS.  Everyone who writes here will know and understand what IBS is capable of and be capable of empathising with your struggles.

Selling Nothing

We are selling nothing, this is free, it is a place for you to hopefully find some answers and get some help.  Our aim is to do nothing other than to help you.

Our long term aim is to provide the single greatest IBS resource globally.  We want to be able to help as many sufferers enjoy their lives to the fullest, that is our only agenda. Over time we plan to add to the service available but for now, we simply hope that we provide you with some answers which improve the quality of your lives.

Our Sincere thanks

About IBS Sano- Part of the Group is a website that was born from frustration.  As a lifelong sufferer there were few methods not tried in an attempt to overcome IBS.

What slowed down this process, was the shocking amount of poor information available for irritable bowel syndrome.

There are far too many people using words such as cure out there, and far too many people who believe that their own personal experience is universal.  This has created a real vacuum in the quality of IBS information out there.


In many ways it mirrors the dieting syndrome.  There are many wild fad diets and promises out there, however few acknowledge the fundamental truths of dieting.  They are all selling ideas and ideals that are frankly misleading.  As with the IBS scenario some are well intentioned, others simply play on our fears and anxieties.

The net effect of all of this is a mountain of information to wade through all of which is characterised by evangelical sales people.