Low FODMAP Recipe - Classic Amatriciana bucatini -  Gluten free recipe


1 tbsp olive oil

500g cherry tomatoes

50g black olives

25g pine nuts

large handful of fresh basil leaves2 lemons, grated rind

8 fresh basil leaves

4 chicken breasts

4 slices Parma Ham

100ml balsamic vinegar

500g mixed salad


*Vine tomatoes to toast - not cherry


Make a slit in each of the chicken breasts. Insert 2 basil leaves & 1/4 lemon rind.

Lay flat 1 slice of Parma ham, place chicken breast at one end and roll up, fully covering chicken breast.

Cut a piece of cling film approx. 12 inch by 20 inch. Place the chicken at one end of the clingfilm, in the middle, and, holding each end of clingfilm, roll tightly (like a rolling pin).

Twist the ends of film, and tie them together. (you want a watertight parcel)

Place parcels in a pan of boiling water and simmer for about 20-25 mins.

While the chicken is cooking, heat the oven to 140C, and place the vine tomatoes on a tray.  Drizzle with oil and gently roast.  Remove when the chicken is cooked.

While chicken is cooking, reduce balsamic by half in a small non-stick pan.

Remove chicken from water, and, over the pan of reduced balsamic vinegar,make a slit in the clingfilm and let juices run into pan. heat gently, stirring well. remove from heat.

Lay the chicken breast parcels side by side. trim each end, and then cut diagonally.

Place chicken on dish, one piece on side, one piece on the trimmed end. drizzle over the balsamic reduction, add some salad.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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