a few knobs of lactose free butter, plus extra for greasing

4-5 thyme sprigs

200g Gruyère, grated

100g Parmesan (or vegetarian alternative), finely grated

500ml pot lactose free double cream

300ml low FODMAP vegetable stock

1½ kg large potatoes, thinly sliced (on a mandolin if you have one)

650g mixed tomatoes, sliced

5 tbsp gluten free breadcrumbs


Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Generously grease a large, deep, ovenproof dish with lactose free butter.

Strip the leaves from 3 of the thyme sprigs. Mix the Gruyère with all but 2 tbsp of the grated Parmesan, then mix the lactose free double cream with the stock. Start layering up the sliced potatoes with sprinklings of the thyme leaves, cheese and plenty of seasoning.

Drizzle a little of the lactose free cream mixture over each layer too. When you’ve layered in half of those ingredients, top with half of the tomatoes. Continue layering the rest of the ingredients, finishing with the last of the lactose free cream.

Top with the remaining tomatoes, then sprinkle over the gluten free breadcrumbs, the remaining Parmesan, and enough thyme to look pretty.

Add a few more knobs of lactose free butter, then cover with foil. Bake the gratin for 1 hr 15 mins, then remove the foil and bake for a further 40 mins until golden and crispy on top, and a knife poked into the centre of the potatoes slides in easily. Leave to rest for 10-15 mins, then serve.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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Low FODMAP and Gluten free  Recipe - Baked tomato, Gruyère & potato gratin