Low FODMAP Challenges

Adapting recipes for the Low FODMAP diet, is by and large not a difficult task.  We have a few tips for those wishing to add even greater variety to their diet.  In particular there are some key flavours which are hard to replicate, which make certain cuisines a real challenge.

The humble onion

Featuring in a plethora of savoury dishes the loss of the onion poses the greatest challenge.  Onion flavour itself is quite simple to replicate, through the use of chives or the green ends of scallions.  However, more often than not onions are browned and caramelised to deliver their unique sweetness.

Certain countries such as India use, great quantities of caramelised onions, so when preparing such dishes remember that you can infuse onion flavour with chives, however you may need to adjust the sweetness, jaggery, palm sugar or golden syrup in small quantities will help with this.

Garlic, and more garlic

Garlic and IBS have never been the greatest of friends, however by purchasing or creating garlic oil, you can circumvent, the usual bloating.  Garlic features heavily in most global dishes, so arming yourself with a supply of Garlic oi, can make a real difference to your food.

Gluten Free Challenges

The fact that more and more people are turning to gluten free cookery, does not make it any easier.  Most of the major cookery disasters relating to gluten free cookery occur simply because it is hard to get used to.

We are so used to the way that wheat flour behaves that making the necessary adjustments for gluten free baking will take time.  We also feel passionately, that while gluten free cooking is constantly evolving and improving, it will never be able to replicate wheat flour.

Lowering expectations, is often the best thing to do.  You can make really delicious gluten free food, and it is getting betting, however the elasticity of gluten ensures that it is not realistic to expect similar results without it


Our recipes will give you a head start, but nothing will beat practice and experimentation.  The net results of following a Low FODMAP diet are so appealing that it is clearly worth making the odd sacrifice to be able to enjoy some comfort.


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Low FODMAP Challenges