IBS Sano - Low FODMAP Recipes - Logo Background Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Recipe - Raspberry clafoutis
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500ml fresh or frozen raspberries, thawed

5-6 tbsp golden caster sugar

15g Pure dairy-free spread

85g Doves Farm gluten-free plain flour

½ tsp ground cinnamon

4 eggs

400ml can lactose free  milk

3 tbsp raspberry fruit squash

½ tsp arrowroot, blended with a little water

icing sugar, to dust


Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Drain the fruit reserving the juice.

Toss berries with 1 tbsp sugar, then spread in an even layer in a 24cm round ovenproof dish, greased with vegetable spread.

Sift the gluten free flour and cinnamon into a large bowl and stir in the remaining sugar.

In a jug, beat the eggs and lactose free milk together, then whisk into the flour mixture to make a smooth batter.

Pour the batter slowly over the fruit then bake for 40-45 mins.

Heat the squash and reserved juice in a pan. Stir in the arrowroot until thickened. Dust the clafoutis with icing sugar and serve drizzled with the coulis.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food