Recipes IBS Sano Low FODMAP Desserts -  Coffee semifreddo


2 shots good quality ristretto or

1 tbsp good quality instant coffee

1 tbsp Tia Maria or brandy

4 large eggs, separated

100g golden caster sugar

300ml pot lactose free double cream

1 tbsp cocoa powder to serve

Preparation method

Put the coffee, Tia Maria or brandy, egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and stir to dissolve the coffee. Put the egg whites in a large bowl and pour the lactose free cream in another.

Beat the egg whites until stiff with an electric whisk, then quickly beat the egg yolk mixture until thick and leaving a trail.

Now beat the cream until it holds its shape. If you beat everything in this order, you don’t need to wash the whisks in between.

Fold the cream into the coffee mixture, then carefully fold in the whites. Tip into suitable mugs. Lightly cover the surface with cling film.

When frozen, overwrap in foil and freeze. Will keep for up to 6 weeks. You can sprinkle with cocoa for a cappuccino effect.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food