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Our top ten low FODMAP diet tips

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There has been an explosion of work related to the low FODMAP diet.  From guides to recipe books there are new books appearing every day.

We are not in a position to comment on all, there are bound to be many other great writers, however the below are highly regarded.  

Dr. Sue Shepard and Dr. Peter Gibson are the creators of the diet, and their books are a must for any one serious about the diet.

7. Try starting with trusted low FODMAP authors

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

Oprah Winfrey

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The other writers listed such as Patsy Catsos and Kate Scarletta have written brilliant books on the subject, and offer a slightly different perspective.  

Dr. Barbara Bolen for example writes with real compassion for IBS sufferers, and is a favourite of ours.  We have  included a link so that you can check out their books below:

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