For the pancake mixture

110g/4oz gluten free plain flour, sifted

pinch of salt

2 eggs

275ml/10fl oz lactose free milk (we used rice milk)

50g/2oz lactose free butter

For the filling

200g pack diced smoked bacon lardons

200ml lactose free cream

pinch of ground nutmeg

1 tsp caraway seeds (optional)

50g finely grated Gruyère

1 whole cucumber, peeled, halved and sliced

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 tbsp chopped fresh dill


Sift the gluten free flour and salt into a large mixing bowl with a sieve held high above the bowl so the flour gets an airing. Now make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs into it.

Then begin whisking the eggs - any sort of whisk or even a fork will do - incorporating any bits of flour from around the edge of the bowl as you do so.

Next gradually add small quantities of the rice milk, still whisking (don't worry about any lumps as they will eventually disappear as you whisk).

When all the liquid has been added, use a rubber spatula to scrape any elusive bits of gluten free flour from around the edge into the centre, then whisk once more until the batter is smooth, with the consistency of thin cream.

Now melt the 50g/2oz of lactose free butter in a pan. Spoon 2 tbsp of it into the batter and whisk it in, then pour the rest into a bowl and use it to lubricate the pan, using a wodge of kitchen paper to smear it round before you make each pancake.

Now get the pan really hot, then turn the heat down to medium and, to start with, do a test pancake to see if you're using the correct amount of batter.

I find 2 tbsp is about right for an 18cm/7in pan. It's also helpful if you spoon the batter into a ladle so it can be poured into the hot pan in one go.

As soon as the batter hits the hot pan, tip it around from side to side to get the base evenly coated with batter.

It should take only half a minute or so to cook; you can lift the edge with a palette knife to see if it's tinged gold as it should be.

Flip the pancake over with a pan slice or palette knife - the other side will need a few seconds only - then simply slide it out of the pan onto a plate.

Stack the pancakes as you make them between sheets of greaseproof paper on a plate fitted over simmering water, to keep them warm while you make the rest.

Heat grill to high and put the bacon lardons on a baking tray. Grill for around 10 mins until crisp, then set aside.

Mix the lactose free cream with the nutmeg and caraway seeds (if using) and season.

Working in batches, place a pancake on a non-stick baking sheet, divide the lactose free cream mixture between the 4 pancakes, then top each pancake with the lardons and cheese.

Put the pancakes under the grill for 2-3 mins (you will need to do this in batches again) or until the cheese is golden and bubbling.

While they cook, mix the cucumber with the vinegar and dill, season, then serve alongside the pancakes.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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