900g boneless chicken thighs (skin-on if possible)

zest and juice 2 lemons

1 tbsp paprika

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp herbs, finely chopped

(We used fresh parsley, chives and tarragon)


Place the chicken in a shallow, non-metallic dish and cover with all the other ingredients and mix everything together.

Cover and chill for at least 2 hrs, or overnight if possible. Bring to room temperature 1 hr before grilling.

Thread half the thighs onto 2 large metal skewers, or wooden ones soaked in water for 10 mins.

Repeat with the remaining thighs and another 2 skewers. Heat an outdoor barbecue until very hot, or use an oven grill.

Place on the grill for 6 mins on one side, then turn over and cook for 4 mins.

Cook for a few mins more on each side if they are large – keep the heat on medium so they don’t burn. Remove and keep warm under foil.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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Low FODMAP Recipe and Gluten Free Recipe - Grilled lemon & herb chicken