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Low FODMAP Lunch Recipes


Chicken, cranberry & rocket sandwich

Mini spinach & cheese frittatas

Caesar salad burgers

Tandoori chicken wraps

Chicken, bacon, chili and wild rice

M Chicken pesto salad

Vietnamese chicken wraps

Caesar salad with crispy chicken

Turkey salad with Chinese cabbage & mint

Rare beef with rocket & Caesar dressing

Pork & herb sausage rolls


Seafood risotto

Open shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cakes with sweet chili

M Crayfish and noodle salad

Warm potato & tuna salad with pesto

Salmon & herb risotto

Tuna Niçoise wrap


V Zucchini & feta tart

V Greek salad omelette

V Stuffed pitta

V French toast with tomato and cheddar

V Roasted carrots with goat’s cheese

V Simple tortilla pizzas

V Eggplant rolls with quinoa

V Cheese & spinach ‘sausage rolls’

V Tomato & feta omelette

V Feta, rocket and olive pasta salad

VM Parmesan potato skins

V Tomato, olive and feta salad

M = Cell/Mobile Phone recipe

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Low FODMAP Lunch  Recipes