15 gluten/dairy free digestive biscuit

6 tbsp lactose free butter, melted

600g lactose free cream cheese

grated zest 3 oranges, save juice for glaze

1 can mandarin segments

100g caster sugar

3 tbsp lactose free milk

184ml pot lactose free double cream


Firstly make the glaze, by mixing the orange juice, the and syrup from the can of mandarins in a pan.  

Heat the pan until the mixture is boiling, and reduce the amount of liquid in the pan down by half or until the mixture is thickened.  When done, cover and set aside.

Crush the gluten/dairy free biscuits roughly. You can either do this by putting them in a plastic food bag and crushing them with a wooden spoon or you can crumble them with your fingers.

Put the biscuits into a bowl and mix in the melted lactose free butter.

Put the mixture into a 23cm cheesecake tin and, using your fingers or the back of a spoon to spread it evenly, press it down in the tin to form the base.

Put the tin into the fridge to set. This should take about 30 mins.

Put the lactose free cream cheese, orange zest, sugar and lactose free milk into a bowl and mix it well with the wooden spoon.

Put the lactose free cream in a clean bowl and whisk until it is the consistency of thick custard. Add to the orange mixture and mix thoroughly.

Remove the cheesecake tin from the fridge. Pour the filling over the gluten/dairy free biscuit base and spread evenly.

Decorate with segments of mandarin and return to the fridge until ready to serve (at least 4 hours or overnight). Just before serving drizzle over the glaze.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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