Recipes IBS Sano Low FODMAP Recipe   Minty lamb kebabs


150ml pot lactose free cream

Juice and zest ½ lemon

1½ tbsp mint sauce

1 tsp ground cumin

300g diced lean lamb

2 large gluten free pitta breads

2 large handfuls lettuce, chopped

wooden skewers

Preparation method

Heat the grill to medium. Mix the lactose free cream, lemon and mint sauce together, then divide the mixture in half.

Stir the cumin into one half of the cream mix, then pour over the diced lamb. Mix thoroughly to coat and season well.

Thread the lamb onto 4 skewers, alternating with pieces of onion, then arrange on the wire rack of a grilling tray.

Grill the kebabs for 3-4 mins on each side, until the lamb is cooked through.

Warm the gluten free pittas in a toaster for 1-2 mins and split open.

Stuff the pittas with lamb and lettuce, drizzling over the remaining minty cream to serve.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food