IBS Sano - Low FODMAP Recipes - Logo Background Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Recipe - Spiced glazed pineapple with cinnamon
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zest and juice 1 lime

2 tbsp golden syrup

2 pinches ground cinnamon

few gratings whole nutmeg

2 tsp icing sugar, sifted

200g lactose free cream

2 tsp lactose free butter

1 fresh pineapple, cut into 8 long wedges, skin and core removed


Mix the lime juice and half the lime zest with 1 tbsp syrup, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Set this sauce aside. Stir the icing sugar and a pinch of cinnamon into the lactose free cream.

Heat the lactose free butter and remaining syrup in a non-stick frying pan until melted.

Add the pineapple and cook over a high heat for 8 mins, turning regularly until caramelised.

Pour in the spiced lime sauce and bubble for a few secs, tossing the pineapple to glaze in the sauce.

Serve immediately, sprinkled with the remaining lime zest and accompanied by a dollop of the lactose free cinnamon cream.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food