200g gluten free spaghetti

1 tsp lactose free butter

1 garlic infused oil

150ml lactose free double cream

2 eggs, beaten

3 tbsp freshly grated parmesan

120g pack smoked salmon trimmings

½ small bunch chives, snipped


Cook the gluten free spaghetti. Meanwhile, melt the lactose free butter in a small pan, add the garlic infused oil. Remove from the heat.

Lightly beat the lactose free cream, eggs and half the Parmesan in a bowl. Stir in the smoked salmon trimmings.

Drain the gluten free pasta well and return to the pan. Add the salmon mixture and the chives, then toss well so the heat from the pasta lightly thickens the sauce. Serve scattered with the remaining Parmesan and plenty of black pepper.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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