small piece of ginger, peeled and sliced

2 tsp garlic oil

3 scallions finely sliced  (green end only)

2 tbsp gluten free soy sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

splash of sherry (optional)

2 x 140g fillets sea bass

2 heads pak choi, quartered


In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients, except the fish and the pak choi, together to make a soy mix.

Line one tier of a two-tiered bamboo steamer loosely with foil.

Lay the fish, skin side up, on the foil and spoon over the soy mix.

Place the fish over simmering water and throw the pak choi into the second tier and cover it with a lid.

Alternatively, add the pak choi to the fish layer after 2 mins of cooking – the closer the tier is to the steam, the hotter it is.

Leave everything to steam for 6-8 mins until the pak choi has wilted and the fish is cooked.

Divide the greens between two plates, then carefully lift out the fish.

Lift the foil up and drizzle the tasty juices back over the fish.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Recipe -  Steamed bass with pak choi
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Low FODMAP Recipe - Steamed bass with pak choi