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1 block strawberry jello

450ml strawberry juice or water

15-18 very ripe strawberries


Put 6 tsp boiling water into a jug. Sprinkle on the jello, then whisk carefully until it dissolves.*

Pour in the juice and whisk, making sure it’s all mixed in.

Pull the green hulls out of the strawberries. Use a knife to cut them into slices or small chunks.

Put some pieces of strawberry into 6 glasses leaving a few to decorate at the end.

They should be full but with plenty of room around them.

Pour the juice into 6 glasses, filling them almost to the top.

Put them on a plate or tray in the fridge to set. They will take about 4 hours to set.

When the jellies are set, decorate with extra strawberries.

*Check with the jello packet instructions, will vary if you but a block or powder.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

Recipes Low FODMAP and Gluten Free Recipe - Strawberry Jello
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