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Low FODMAP and Gluten Free Recipe - Strawberry roulade


For the meringue

1 tsp each cornflour, white vinegar and vanilla extract

4 large egg whites

100g caster sugar

100g icing sugar, plus a little extra

To finish

150ml tub lactose free double cream

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

450g strawberries, sliced

100g blueberries


Heat oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3. Line the base and sides of a 23 x 33cm

Swiss roll tin with baking parchment. Blend cornflour, vinegar and vanilla extract to a smooth paste.

Tip egg whites into a clean bowl. Mix together sugars in a separate bowl.

Whisk egg whites until stiff, then gradually whisk in the sugar, alternating with a little paste until the mixture is thick and glossy.

Spoon into the prepared tin and smooth the top. Bake for 20 mins until crisp on top. Meanwhile, whisk the lactose free cream and vanilla until thick.

Remove the meringue from the oven and turn out onto a sheet of baking parchment, peel off the lining paper and leave to cool for a few mins.

Spread the lactose free cream evenly over the meringue to within 5cm of the short ends and to the edge of the long ends.

Scatter with the sliced strawberries and blueberries. Using the parchment to help you, roll up the meringue from one short end. Transfer to a flat plate and dust with icing sugar

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

*We recommend the help  of a registered dietician
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