Low FODMAP Quick and Healthy

With so little time available for many to cook, the global trend for ready meals continues to go rise unabated. While we do not dispute that the quality of ready meals has improved over the years, the list of ingredients in each meal can be quite scary.  For an IBS sufferer, the time spent reading the packet, would be better served cooking a fresh meal.

We recognise the difficulty this may pose for many, so we have included a selection of the best time saving equipment we could find.  We are lucky to live in a age of wonderful technical advances, and this is clearly demonstrated in the kitchen. From oil free chip cookers, to healthy food grills there has been a real explosion of healthy time saving equipment.

What’s in your food

If you are on the Low FODMAP diet you will need to know exactly what is in your food.  The products we have recommended will help you to cook quick, delicious and more importantly healthy meals without the fuss and time previously associated with cooking fresh healthy meals.

Next time you go shopping make note if the time you spend reading labels, to avoid products that either trigger your IBS, or are unsuitable for the Low FODMAP diet.  If you saved that time by utilising some of the incredible equipment we have recommended, and you use some of the wonderful quick and healthy Low FODMAP recipes that we have on this site, then you will soon feel and look fantastic.  Simply click the link above to see the items that will help you……..


Wonderful kitchen products to make your Low FODMAP Diet that much easier to enjoy.

All chosen with your health in mind


Low FODMAP Quick and Healthy