100g tomatoes

150g pack mini mozzarella balls, drained

handful basil

400g gluten free green tagliatelle

350g low FODMAP tomato sauce

4 tbsp fresh low FODMAP pesto


Halve the tomatoes and use a small, sharp knife or a teaspoon to remove the seeds.

Cut the mozzarella balls in half. Place one half inside each tomato, trimming the edges if necessary to fit it in.

Either cut the smallest circles you can from a basil leaf or finely chop the leaves and scrunch into small circles.

Place one at the centre of each mozzarella ball.

Boil the gluten free pasta. Meanwhile, heat through the tomato sauce.

When the tagliatelle is cooked, drain and stir through the pesto and any remaining basil, chopped finely.

Divide between 4-6 serving bowls. Spoon over some tomato sauce, then arrange the stuffed tomato eyeballs on top.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

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