100g basmati rice or long-grain rice

1 tbsp sunflower oil

1 egg, beaten

50g finely diced  bacon or ham

1 tsp garlic oil

2 scallions, green only

good pinch five spice powder

1 tsp gluten free  soy sauce

100g beansprouts (optional)

dandful chopped fresh spinach

50g peeled prawns


Boil the rice following pack instructions, drain.

Heat half the oil in a wok. Pour in the egg and stir-fry until scrambled.

Tip onto a plate and set aside.

Wipe the wok with kitchen paper, then heat the remaining oil.

Toss in the meat, garlic oil, scallions and stir-fry until the pepper starts to soften.

Add the five-spice, rice, spinach and gluten free soy, then stir-fry for 5 mins more.

Finally add the beansprouts, if using, the egg and prawns, and stir-fry to heat through.

Recipe adapted from: Good Food

Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Recipe - Special fried rice with prawns
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