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Low FODMAP Rice Recipes

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Pesto & goat's cheese risotto

Chive & bacon risotto

Peri-peri chicken pilaf

M Chicken, parmesan & herb risotto

Chicken casserole with pilaff


Salmon & herb risotto

Reduced-fat chicken biryani

V Tomato & basil risotto

V Zucchini and parmesan risotto

Stir-fried beef with egg-fried rice

Rice bowl with poached eggs

V Pumpkin Risotto

V Jolloif Rice with Fried Plantains

V Vegetable Pullao

V Vegetable Biryani

V Veggie Yakisoba Noodles

V Zucchini and Herb Risotto

V Vegetable 'paella'

Special Fried Rice with Prawns

Carmargue Red Rice and Salmon

Sweet Salmon and Warm Rice Salad

Vietnamese Prawn

Lemony Prawn and Chorizo Rice Pot

Malaysian Fried Rice

Qabili Pilau

Grilled Salmon with Ginger Rice

Rice noodle & Turkey Salad

Zucchini Rice with Feta & Olives

Quinoa Rice with Tomato & Dill

Zingy salmon & brown rice salad

Spiced tomato rice

Spanish seafood rice

Chicken & paprika rice pot

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Low FODMAP Rice based recipes